What Causes A Leaking Toilet

We here at Primetime Plumbing and Heating have seen our fair share of leaking toilets in Mahwah and the surrounding area.  

The issue is that a toilet which is leaking often goes undetected for far too long.  Our clients don't realize it until the leak has done a decent amount of damage. 

Before we look at how you can detect a leaking toilet, let's look at the components of a toilet so that you can better understand how a toilet works and what could go wrong.

The part of the toilet which holds the water for the flush is the cistern.  It has the most moving parts of the toilet so it is where most of the problems begin.  

Mahwah, this is where you need to check.  

We'll show you how.


How to check if your toilet cistern is leaking.

We suggest that you put some food coloring in the cistern. WAIT an hour before you flush.  If after you return in an hour the coloring is still there... your cistern is leaking.

How to check if the problem is a faulty valve?

First thing you need to know Mahwah is that a leaks which involves the valves are not as easily detected.

A worn or broken flush valve system is the most common cause of a leaking toilet.  At the bottom of the cistern is the flapper, or flush valve ball. The ball or flapper should form a watertight seal.  After a few years, the flush valve ball can deteriorate or become defective. When this happens, water starts to leak around it into the toilet bowl. Because you can't hear it, it's very difficult to detect.

When the toilet tank is full, remove the tank covering and check for water flowing in the overflow tube. If this is happening, you have a faulty valve.

So Mahwah, if you run any one of these test and you notice that:

  1. Your cistern is leaking or
  2. You have a faulty valve

and you just don't know how to fix them, please feel free to call us for a FREE estimate over the phone.


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